Feb 22 • 54M

Alexandra Cohl on Podcasting's Value Being Recognized, and Shifting the Bro Culture Mindset

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Danny Brown
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Today it's my pleasure to welcome Alexandra Cohl to the show.

Alexandra Cohl

Alexandra is the founder and owner of POD.DRALAND, providing PR and marketing services for podcasters, as well as a place centred on amplifying women's voices in podcasting. She's also the host of The Pod Broads, where she interviews women in the podcasting industry about their lives and their work, and curator/editor of Podcasting By the Moon, a newsletter that focuses on women-centric podcast news, wins, and reflections.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the pervasive bro culture in podcasting

  • how women in podcasting are still vastly under-represented despite creating much of the content

  • the importance of events like the Black Podcasting Awards when it comes to increasing diversity in the industry

  • why we need to change the thinking around the value of the podcast space when compared to movies and music

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