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Using Deciphr to Simplify Podcast Show Notes and Timestamps - Video Overview

how a free A.I. tool takes your transcripts and speeds up your episode editing

If you use transcripts for your podcast, there’s a really cool tool called Deciphr (and thanks to Chris Spear for the heads up), that helps create a blurb for your show notes along with recommended timestamps to interesting points of the episode.

By diving into the text of your transcript, Deciphr’s A.I. pulls out what it feels to be key points of the conversation, and creates a summary you can use in your episode show notes.

Not only that, but it also creates timestamps to these key moments, so you can add these to your show notes and listeners can jump to these specific sections.

Note: clickable timestamps aren’t widely supported by podcast apps, and work better on podcast web players or embedded players.

It’s not perfect - you will need to do some clean-up on the text, and some of the formatting - but as a free tool, it’s pretty impressive with its results.

Check out Deciphr’s automated podcast summary and timestamps for yourself, and see if it can help you.

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Be a Better Podcaster
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