Hey! Wondering how my podcast business or podcast can be featured in your newsletter. Is there a place I can go to submit it for consideration, or pay for sponsorship/ads?

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It’s an interesting topic (and a topic older than podcasting). It’s not as simple as always presented though. You do right here to present how a show may be ruined (thank you for featuring mine!) by editing.

Editing should be a direction choice, as in: how do you want the podcast to sound and feel? Mine--as just one poor example--is meant to sound manic and insane and WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

I honestly think if you attempted to plan that it would lose its edge. And the same goes for other podcasts attempting to feel ‘live’.

It’s something we can learn from radio: a live radio broadcast has a danger and an edge. What’s going to happen when that person rings up? It isn’t as simple as just editing out ‘erms’, which I also believe we shouldn’t do anyway.

Podcasting, for me at least, should feel REAL. Like you’re there in the moment listening as the third person in the room.

Editing should be considered carefully

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