Great read Danny, I resonate so much! Appreciate you opening up about mental health in this space!

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Thanks, Katt! I'm still a bit surprised at how little it's spoken about outside of individuals (unless i'm missing research somewhere), feels like it should be a wider discussion.

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According to ladyandthecouch.com Mental health is a popular topic in podcasting, as podcasts provide a platform for open and honest conversations about mental health and wellbeing. Mental health podcasts can offer a variety of perspectives and insights, as well as practical advice and support for individuals struggling with mental health issues.

One of the benefits of mental health podcasts is that they can help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness by providing a safe and supportive space for individuals to share their experiences. This can help individuals feel less alone in their struggles and encourage them to seek out help and support.

There are many different types of mental health podcasts, ranging from personal stories and interviews with experts to guided meditations and discussions of specific mental health conditions. Some popular mental health podcasts include "The Hilarious World of Depression," "Mental Illness Happy Hour," "The Struggle Bus," and "Therapy for Black Girls."

Podcasting provides a unique platform for discussing mental health, as it allows for longer, more in-depth conversations and a greater range of voices and perspectives. As mental health continues to be an important and relevant issue in society, it is likely that we will continue to see an increase in mental health podcasts and the important conversations they facilitate.

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