Really interesting article. I find the whole obsession curious. I don’t see the same obsession with other analytics in blogging or video. Sure, people want to know people are consuming it, but there’s lots of people in podcasting who are obsessed by it.

The only time I mention anything to do with numbers these days is in a joke fashion, and that’s the way it should be for most.

Focus on quality content instead of quantity of numbers.

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It's interesting, for sure - like you say, it doesn't feel like there's the same obsession with Google Analytics or similar. I wonder how many podcasters gave up because of perception around their analytics, when they were actually connecting really well with their listeners...

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Lots I reckon. On one of my other podcasts I do with a buddy, we constantly joke that nobody listens. Just today, a random person reached out on twitter to remind us that they do. That’s what podcasting is about.

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