why it's important to look after your mental wellness and spot the warning signs
Add a bit of interactivity for your podcast listeners on Spotify

February 2023

Alexandra Cohl on Podcasting's Value Being Recognized, and Shifting the Bro Culture MindsetEscucha ahora (54 min) | Today it's my pleasure to welcome Alexandra Cohl to the show. Alexandra is the founder and owner of POD.DRALAND, providing PR…
how the next update to this innovative DAW could replace your recording and editing toolset
showing off the art of the podcast trailer

January 2023

Sam Sethi on Why Value for Value is the Future for Podcast MonetizationEscucha ahora (39 min) | Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Sam Sethi to the show. Sam is the CEO of Podfans, a soon-to-be-released marketplace where…
If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re receiving this as a premium member of Pod Chat, so thank you! As a premium member, you get to take part in a…
or are they just planning for an audio/video convergence?
from marketing to podcasting 2.0 and everything in-between
Easier Transcripts for Your Podcast with Auphonic and WhisperVer ahora (10 min) | how to use the super accurate Whisper from Open AI without needing tech expertise

December 2022

I just wanted to send a quick note to wish you the very happiest of holidays, however you celebrate, and to say thank you for being part of the Pod Chat…
in the meantime, here's a fun little podcast for you